Amar Nath lobbies for Virender Sehwag as India coach

Amar Nath (AN) Sharma coached India’s top order batsman Virender Sehwag (pictured) and the 38-year-old Sehwag himself wanted to be the coach of the Indian cricket team. His desire, however, is not fulfilled by the BCCI (read Virat Kohli).
“I think India needed coach who is of Sehwag nature, who can plan team strategy seriously against each opponent. Offense is the best defense”, speaking exclusively from his Delhi academy, he said.
Barring Sehwag, all other five applicants appeared on Skype for the interviews.
Sehwag’s former coach also criticized those candidates.
“These shows how serious they were to become Team India coach…The BCCI should not have encouraged the Skype interviews”, he said.
“When you are physically present you are tempted to ask more questions and observe the face-value. Even Sachin Tendulkar should have also remained present physically”, Sharma added.
Last year, it was Saurav Ganguly, who criticized Ravi Shastri for not being physically present and gave interview from Thailand. This time four candidates (Ravi Shastri, Tom Moody, Richard Pybus and Lalchand Rajput) were on Skype.
Rajput’s case is understandable as he is presently working as Afghanistan coach and his team was scheduled to play a match against the MCC at Lord’s the next day (Tuesday) but remaining applicants are not attached with any big team now and could have certainly come to India for the presentation.
AN Sharma also admitted his pupil Sehwag’s CV was short. “Sehwag was asked to expand his resume. He was serious in applying for the post. No cricketer would send his application if he is not interested in taking up the job”.
“Sehwag has no coaching certificate but is a mentor / coach for the IPL Punjab team. Secondly, during my stint with him he was all the time asked (by me) to train the young boys whenever he returned playing big matches for India”.
“Level coaching certificates are not necessarfy for coaching. I passed Level I and Level II examinations at the age of 60 and 61 and was denied Level III course citing age factor and Viru had fought with the Board then…”.
Viru is very aggressive and a straight forward man. He will call spade a spade and Indian cricket would have immensely benefited had he got the job”.
“Before going for the interview, Sehwag did speak to me from Mumbai. He is scheduled to return from Cananda on 17th”, Sharma signed off.

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