Another IPL player Tiwari loses father through cancer

After Rishabh Pant, India’s one more player, Manoj Tiwari(pictured), has lost his father (Shiv Shankar Tiwary) in the ongoing IPL season.
“My father had a tongue and throat cancer and it was in its advanced stage”, the 32-year-old Manoj Tiwary, speaking exclusively from Kolkata, said on Wednesday.
“I was busy preparing for the match against Delhi Daredevils when the sad news came in Pune and had to return home immediately”.
Tiwari, the Mumbai Indians player could not participate in the match.
“My father was admitted in the Howrah Hospital here but as he was not recovering well, was brought back home last week. The treating doctor Saurav Dutta is very good and tried his level best to cure him but destiny was not in my dad’s favor. Before shifting to Kolkata four years ago, the seasoned doctor was also practicing at Mumbai’s Tata Hospital”.
“I was busy playing the matches, and therefore my family members didn’t want me to be distracted”, he added.
“However, I could perform the last rites”, He is believed to have joined his team in Rajkot.
“Our next match is against Gujarat Lions and hopefully I will play the match”, he added.
“Without doubts my best performance in the season would be dedicated to my late father”, Tiwary signed off.
“Manoj Tiwary’s father was a railway employee before his retirement.His parents, especially mother, Bina Tiwary took great efforts to make Manoj the cricketer. Now son Manoj will be a pillar strength to his mother”, Manoj’s personal coach Manabendu Ghosh, speaking exclusively, said from West Bengal.
“I am not in Kolkata and therefore could not console Manoj but will speak to him once he is out from the shock and I am sure he will play good cricket”, the coach added.

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