Mercy Moim living her dream in Finland as she inspires the girl child in Mount Elgon


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Mercy Moim’s star continues to shine in Finland where she is playing professional volleyball.

Moim was this week recognised by her club ORPO for her top performance. She has contributed 54 aces in 25 matches.

That is just to add on the Most Valuable Player award she won last year, her maiden season in the Finnish league.

“It feels great, I am honoured to be playing here and to be winning awards and recognition. I can only say thank you God,” said Moim in an interview with

“I never take such things for granted. And I will continue working hard to improve, win more awards and also put my country on the map. I am here because Kenya has made me to be here,” said the 26 year old national team player who is also a warder at the Kenya Prisons.

Last season Moim was named the most Valuable Player of the Finish Volleyball League. She scored over 450 points and bagged 9 player of the match awards in 22 matches.

She was also later to emerge second in the Kenya Sports personality of the Year Awards female category in January this year.

“It all boils down to hard work, I have had to sacrifice so much to remain fit. I have to go to the gym, do private training even after the rest have left the training hall and at the same time keep high standards of discipline.

Moim hails from a tiny village in Mount Elgon, an area known more for its insecurity rather than producing top female sports personalities.

But she  has broken the barriers and represents a brand of ladies from this area who are gaining fame in sports.

An allumni of Cheptil Secondary School, Mercy never imagined living in the capital city Nairobi, leave alone playing in Europe.

“I am living a dream, and enjoying every bit of it,” said Moim.

“If I take you to my home where I come from, you will say just coming to Nairobi is like going to heaven. Now what would you say about playing in Europe and actually being recognized,” she quipped in a previous interview.

Moim at work at the Kenya Prisons

Moim at work at the Kenya Prisons

Life for the 26 year old changed when he was selected to join the national youth team after impressing in the inter secondary school championships.

In 2005, just at 16 years as a naïve humble girl from Mt Elgon and a student at Cheptil Secondary school, she graced the national scene and she has remained strong since then growing each and every day.

Life has never been the same again for Mercy who has since been no several countries playing volleyball for club and country.

For her, its all about discipline, hardwork and dedication that she is where she is today, among the top volleyballers in the country.

Born on new year’s day in 1989, Mercy developed the love for volleyball at a very young age and by the time she was joining Cheptil Secondary, it was always a matter of time before she would catch the eye on national selectors.

Volleyball has turned her life around. Mercy has never looked for a job, immediately her talent was spotted, she was employed at the Kenya Prisons where she is a warder.

Thanks to her exploits in the national women’s volleyball team, Mercy was spotted by Finnish side Liiga Ploki.

moim in action

I am a living example that hardwork and commitment can take you places. I never applied for a job. Kenya Prisons spotted me and came for and I thank God for that. They have also given me leave to pursue my career even further,” she says.

That experience in Finland she says has been very vital to her career.

She says the professionalism with which the game is run and played in Europe needs to be adopted by Kenya if the country is to grow.

Unlike Kenya where there is only one international standard indoor volleyball arena, Mercy says in Europe all clubs have their own indoor arena and the league is professionally run.

While she believes she still has several years to play, Mercy, a mother of one wants to take the game back to her small village and empower young girls some of who get married before they finish school while others drop out of school due to poverty.

in Mount Elgon, she wants to be an inspiration to every girl child.

“Girls in my village live in very poor conditions, some do not even finish school because of early marriages. I am their ambassador. I want to be a living example that the girl child can actually go places if given a chance. My parents gave a chance to pursue my education and my volleyball career, I want to give back to that community by helping young girls to achieve their life dreams too.”



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