Is Rachier scared of elections?



In the last twenty four hours Gor Mahia fraternity and general football fan base has been treated to interesting events.

First  Josiah Oliech Kwaru who is the chairman of the Gor Mahia electoral board and also a member of Gor Mahia national executive council went to the press and issued a notice for AGM. This was followed by a swift rejoinder by Gor Mahia Chairman Ambrose Rachier who claimed that only the chairman can call the elections and branded  Oliech Kwaru an imposter.

Rachier in a press release to media houses also said that those agitating for elections are motivated by greed and only want to dip their fingers in the newly signed Kshs. 60 million sponsorship kitty.

For the time that I have followed Gor Mahia I have witnessed three elections involving Mr Rachier. In all these three elections it has always been Mr. Oliech Kwaru who has called the AGM and elections including the one that installed Rachier as chairman when his predecessor Erastus Okul showed no interest in announcing the elections back in 2006.

Oliech Kwaru is also the custodian of all Gor Mahia election documents which include member/voter register and tallying results which all bear Rachier’s signature. Surely Rachier cannot turn around after almost a decade of working with Oliech and lie to the public that this man is an imposter. The announcement by Oliech probably caught him unawares and he grabbed the easiest lie around him.

Rachier claims that those agitating for elections are people driven by greed and desire to dip their fingers in the honey jar. If we are to apply the natural law of two sides of a coin, this will also be an admission by Rachier of his own greed. He is sabotaging elections because he wants to keep dipping his fingers in the honey jar.

Furthermore Rachier cannot convince me that he is staying in office illegally with the sole purpose of protecting Gor Mahia resources. If he even had the faintest desire to protect the club’s resources, Gor Mahia would be a billionaire club by now. For almost a decade now, Rachier has been overseeing pilferage and wastage of ticket revenues at the gates. Gor Mahia merchandise is being hawked across the country by every Tom, Dick and Harry without care or concern. He has not made any meaningful attempt to tap into the massive fan base through a membership scheme. He has even lost the team bus that fans worked so hard to acquire for the club. For the 8 year Rachier has been in charge, Gor Mahia does not even own a bicycle!

It is embarrassing that we even have to remind Rachier that his term legally expired in November 2015 when there was no sponsor on board and he should have called the elections then.The reason we have people agitating for elections is because elections are long overdue and Rachier knows this very well. His reasons for not calling the elections are personal and selfish. He seems to have serious doubts in his ability to retain his seat. He seems scared of calling the elections and has gone to great lengths, even soliciting the protection of club patron, to defer elections.


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  1. I started reading this article but come across an assertion that Kwaru is in Gor Mahia executive office. I had to stop and ask the writer who this Kwaru man is? Who elected jaduong kwaru to Gor Mahia executive office? What position does he hold in that office?

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